Stop giving excuses and start exercising

          This is the first time I’m hearing the words, exercise evasion. I have heard of tax evasion but not exercise evasion, and you mean the consequences can more be dire and calamitous? What are the common excuses for exercise evasion?” asked the friend. “Let us take it one at a […]

Cure for insomnia

“Exercise is capable of giving sleep as well as depriving sleep,” dad answered. “How can exercise give or take sleep?” the friend asked. “There is enough research that gave contradictory results though all the studies were not well designed. It is not only quantity but also the quality of sleep,” mom remarked. “To understand the […]

Train like Bruce Lee for maximum benefits

  My daughter was keen about going for swimming. What is the need for the athlete to be at the swimming pool except for relaxation? She calls it cross training. What is this cross training?” asked my mom’s friend. “The best example, which is definitely a successful one, would be Bruce Lee and his form […]

Keep garbage vehicles at bay for a healthy heart

What is meant by risk factors that cause heart disease?” asked my mother’s friend. My mom looked at my dad to answer the question. He shrugged his shoulder, asking mother to continue. “There are factors that can be changed, factors that cannot be changed and other contributing factors. Risk factors that can be changed include […]

The Desi workout

These yoga exercises — are they good for athletes? Is it useful for sportspersons?” the friend enquired. “The word exercise cannot be used for yoga and perhaps for tai chi too. They can be brought under the term, physical activity, which includes exercise too,” dad said. “There you go. First you said yoga is not […]

How do we store, spend and refill energy

    Where does the body store its energy?” asked my sister. “Where would you store the money I give you?” asked dad. My sister pulled out her purse and said, “Here, I have Rs 500 for any emergency that may arise and another Rs 150,” my sister said. “Where is the hundred that you […]

Keeping fit can hurt, use right technique

Look at the tall boy losing to the short boy in the 100m sprint,” observed my father’s friend. We were at a school sports day celebration which was my father’s favourite leisure time activity, observing, analysing and evaluating the raw potential of athletes. He wouldn’t hesitate to make a video of the same for further […]



Wanted Experienced /Fresher Occupational Therapists for our Multidisciplinary Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit at Alwarpet and Anna nagar . Kindly contact Shravan at 98401 24314 or Email :


When i met Dr. Sai sucheethra ( Pediatrician ) working at FAMES ( Fitness Adapdation Movement & Education Services) which is an initiative by SPARRC  Institute for children with physical , Intellectual and Emotional challenges for their holistic rehabilitation.  She took me over to the second floor and introduced me to Rahul  4yr old kid […]



I always wondered what are the benefits of  PEMF  THERAPY session , when i think about PEMF what does it stand for ? well PEMF stands for (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy) . what does it do ? It uses ultra – low intensity , extremely low frequency electro- magnetic fields. The Electromagnetic field is a […]