SPARRC Tele Health
SPARRC Tele health services aims at connecting to anyone who is interested to avail the benefits of our treatment from any part of the world.

How does Tele-consultation happen?
You can consult our medical doctor, pain specialist and physiotherapist on a single platform of a Tele- video that facilitates an integrated approach for Pain Management, Musculoskeletal health issues and Physical Rehabilitation.
A brief health assessment will be done by the therapist through video/audio call or a online form link will be shared with targeted questions to address your current medical status, pain history and investigation reports. Following which a video teleconferencing Will be arranged to connect you to the Pain specialist/SPARRC Doctors.
Tele-Pain Management (therapy)
The expert advised prescription exercise that consists of Myofascial trigger release, cryotherapy, Taping, Cranio-sacral therapy and rehabilitation exercise can be done with the help of a partner or by self. The sessions will be guided by SPARRC professionals (Physiotherapists/Fitness Trainers/Yoga therapist)
Tele-Exercise Rehabilitation
The detailed information of the past medical history, musculoskeletal health, exercise training history, nutritional make up is analysed to customise the exercise rehabilitation routine of the patient. And each tele-session is guided and gradually progressed by the therapist to achieve the rehab goal.
Tele-fitness/Tele-weight management program
A holistic fitness regimen according to the individual’s physical, mental and emotional need is advised. The tailor-made exercise and diet plan is not only focused on fat loss, but it improves flexibility, balance, proprioception, cardio-respiratory fitness, muscular strength and endurance. The fitness trainer helps one ease through the weight loss journey by gently scaling up the ability of the individual to exercise through each tele-fitness session.
Periodical Tele-fitness appraisal is done to understand the fitness performance that leads to progressive outcome.

Tele-fitness can be availed either in group or as an individual. For those who need constant motivation, a group is the perfect place to be. And for those who need personal attention, a personal Tele-fitness trainer can be engaged.
The tele-fitness service enables us to workout from anywhere with minimal or no equipments !
Yes! It’s true that you don’t need any expensive gadgets, apps or equipments to connect to us! It is super easy and we are just a click away!
Tele- exercise rehabilitation
Tele-weight reduction
Tele- neuro rehabilitation
Tele Paediatric Rehabilitation / Geriatric Rehabilitation
Tele Nutritional advise
Tele Move to Music ( Dance fitness)
Tele Healing sessions with CST, Healing Sounds, Reiki
Tele Group exercise sessions for corporate employees, Dancers
Tele-classes for students, therapists, health enthusiasts.