Yoga Workshop For Sports persons

Yoga Workshop For Sports persons

Conducted by Sparrc Institute & YogaVahni

31st Jan 2016 | 9:00am-5:00pm


Plot no 936, Door no 116,6th Avenue, Anna Nagar Chennai 40

Fee Rs 1500

Participation by Registration only




What to expect in the workshop?

Different kind of yoga practices (energizing / relaxing) – as appropriate for sportspersons

Exploration of the uniqueness of Krishnamacarya’s Yoga and its relevance to sports performance

Role of emotions in sports performance & their mastery using Yoga and Kalari

Ayurvedic understanding of diet

Yoga practice for injuries prevention & Complementary health care for quick recovery



Dr Kannan Pugazhendi

Sports & Fitness Medicine consultant


Partharasathy Ramanujam

YogaTherapists & Kalari Practitioner


Ganapathy Murugasan

Kalari, Karate, Silambatam, Yoga, Teacher & Theatre Artist


Dr Sudheer

Ayurvedic Vaidiya

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