The most beneficial treatment Sparrc Aqua therapy

The words most often heard from a dancer are,’Oh my knee pains!’ or ” My back hurts’ or ‘got a cramp in my leg’ and so on and on…… Here is where the good doctor comes in. In my case, several years ago, it was Dr Kannan Pughazhendi. He seemed like the last resort and I was relieved to turn myself over to him.

In addition to attacking my problem on a war footing using every possible therapy that he thought might help ( allopathic or otherwise), he urged that I motivate my recovery with a positive perspective . However, I do believe that  of all that he attempted with me, the aqua therapy enabled a much greater range of exercise and movement which sustained my fitness over a longer period of time. That was by far the most beneficial treatment which helped me keep myself flexible and strong throughout the recovery period.

Now if I feel the slightest twinge, I long for that beloved water which will drown all my worries! Water, quenches much more than thirst!

–  Surupa Sen – Dancer

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