Surgery-less Treatment

Yes it is true and a proven fact that the SPARRC team has gotten people rid of their aches & pains without the embarking of a scary and painful journey, surgery!

Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi , the institute’s beacon has shed light onto the otherwise gloomy patients who walk into the sports medicine centre weighed down with the thought that surgery is the only solution to their persisting or acute pain. Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it, but it is very much true.

Condition                                             Surgeries avoided

  • IVDP                                             –           Discectomy, Laminectomy
  • Arthritis                                      –           Joint replacements
  • Ligament injury                       –           Reconstruction surgeries
  • Avascular necrosis                 –           Partial replacements
  • Radiculopathy                          –           Spinal stabilization surgery
  • Spasticity                                    –           Soft tissue release surgery
  • Peripheral nerve injuries     –           Nerve repair surgery
  • Muscle tear                                –           Muscle repair surgery
  • Spondylarthropathies           –           Arthrodesis surgery

So how does the team work its magic? Dr’s knowledge and experience in the field of Sports Medicine has been a tool that has led him and his team members to think outside the box to approach and carry out a healing process with absolutely no surgical intervention. Conservative Management is the clinical term which at SPARRC is a therapeutically wholesome method comprising of Physiotherapy, Aqua therapy, Acupuncture, Pranic healing and Rehabilitation. Our effective therapeutic procedures are always preceded by an accurate diagnosis of the cause of pain which comes from an in detail history taking from the patient and not necessarily from costly MRI scans, etc.

Advanced Surgical procedures today are available no doubt but a cut, remove and sew approach may turn out to be a sour experience both mentally and physically, as it is often forgotten to prepare oneself for post surgical complications such poor muscle tone, stiffness and weight gain to name a few. Conservative management of pain is safe and effective in the long run with regards to alleviating pain and keeping the physical activity of the patient at a near moderate level unlike a surgical procedure that involves a period of immobilization, only sending the patients health and fitness downhill.

Our team has been helping patients keep their medical expenses and hospitalization minimal by providing therapy directed to the cause of pain. Whether it is an arthritic pain for which normally knee replacement is suggested or a disc prolapse for which removal is suggested, we examine the surrounding soft tissue based on which the prognosis is decided. Aqua therapy is our weapon to be rid of knee pain and core exercises and stretches to get rid of back ache, therefore enabling our patients bid farewell to pain altogether.


At SPARRC we make it happen, the patients watch it happen and some wonder how it happened. To determine the choice of treatment requires a diagnosis to understand the human body with its astounding individuality, which is the unique talent of Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi. He stresses on an extensive history elicitation from the patient which has been the hallmark of medicine, now buried in favor of costly investigations run by technological advancement.

Our Sports medicine Institute is driven by skill and human care, where exercise prescription supersedes the prescription of medicine, ensuring speedy recovery and good health in the process. Inspite of Key hole surgeries which are made alluring, the fear of surgery still remains. The Key hole nature only reduces the external incision but not the invasion. Even a Key hole invasion is an extensive procedure with its own outcomes, compared to an exercise prescribed to maintain health.

As surgical procedures are avoided at SPARRC so are the extensive costs that go with making the treatment affordable and effective. It is common to note that a patient who walks in with a complaint, at SPARRC, does not usually walk back into the institute with the same complaint when it is cleared by the team. The institute not only treats the injury and illness but keeps the patients in the best of their wellness. People talk about eradicating illness; here we talk about establishing wellness. Feel free to contact our experts in case of any clarifications.


  • N.Sukumar
    12 years ago Reply

    Dear Dr.Kannan,


    I fell from the bike and hurt my left shoulder long long back, {almost 18 years}, i had severe pain for more than a week and it slowly subsided,i did not consult any doctor nor did i take any medication.

    I used to work out in the gym (weight training), and whenever i feel pain in my shoulder, i stopped going,but the discomfort in the shoulder continued to hamper my free movement.

    Due to various priorities and committments i left it unattended and did not seek any professional advise.

    A couple of months back i sought the help of an Orthopaedician, and he suggested me for a Prednisolone inj, ( i knew it was only a temporary releif), since i am not a sports person, he dint want me to go for a MRI, but since the pain recurred again within a weeks time of the injection, i had to reconsult with him, and this time he asked me to take an MRI, provided i am ready for a surgery after seeing the report.

    After seeing the report, Doctor advised me against a surgery, as he says that i might not be cured completely hence it is not advisable.

    Doctor can i please have an appointment with you, to check and assess my condition, and get treated and cured, to be able to do all activity (sporting).

    Awaiting your favourable comments.

    Warm regards
    9XXX7 2XXX5

  • Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi
    12 years ago Reply

    Dear Mr Sukumar, noted your number my person will get back to you with the appointment details. Thanks

    • wilfried karl
      7 years ago Reply

      Dear doctor
      have got an accident last year a work place suffering with

      muscle waist pain and lower back pain no fracture or bone

      damage wich treatment or therapy should I used to cure my pain

      how long will take and the cost plan to to test with M R I

      What did you recommand me

      sincerely waiting a positive answer

    12 years ago Reply

    Dear Doctor Kannan Pugazhendi,

    My Mother, Aged 63, is suffering from complete knee erosion and doctors at many hospitals have advised TKR as only solution.

    She has already had CABG done, and her lungs, kidneys also function at lesser percentage as a result of which any further operation (TKR) carries greater risk.
    Hence we want her to be relieved as much as possible from her knee pain and be able to walk at least minimum required for her daily chorus if not more without any surgery. Can SPAARC institute help her Without surgery or severe drugs or sterioids.

    Please give me appointment, i will bring her with all available medical records, x-ray (all very latest).

    With regards,

    K. Bharat Kumar
    Linghi Chetty Street,
    CHENNAI – 600 001.

    • Fitness Advisor
      12 years ago Reply

      Dear Sir

      Greetings from SPARRC institute!

      We would definitely be able to help her with a non surgical approach of pain management via Physiotherapy,etc and further rehabilitation in the form of exercises,all of which will be done under doc s guidance.
      Doc consults at our poes garden centre on Monday’s and Wednesday s from 2.30 to 6 pm. Pls do let us know if you would like an appointment this week.


  • Nazeer
    11 years ago Reply

    I work for software firm and work more than 13 hrs a day. In Feb 2013 I had severe neck pain and consulted 3 doctors. 1 doctor even advised me to have surgery by giving so many reasons. I wasnt convinced and my colleague just advised to visit your alwarpet clinic. with 2 weeks of treatment and I am out of surgery and my neck is like normal as it used to be before. I am overwhelmed and my sincere thanks to Dr.Kannan and his physio attenders. Kudos to you sir..

  • Jayant Kaushik
    11 years ago Reply

    Hello Doctor
    Around six weeks ago, I had an injury in which I suffered a complete ACL tear in the right knee.
    I have been diagnosed with ‘COMPLETE TEAR OF ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT’. Doctors have advised me to go for surgery, but I wanted to know if there is any possibility of treating this through Ayurveda at your hospital. Please advise soon. Please see below my detailed report: MRI RIGHT KNEE



    The study reveals:

    COMPLETE TEAR OF ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT-from its femoral attachment. Posterior cruciate ligament shows normal caliber and signal intensity. No obvious anterior tibial translation evident in the current study.




    Marked joint effusion is seen in the supra patellar recess, para-condylar and intercondylar regions and tibio-femoral joint space.

    Bones appear normal in signal intensity and cortical outline.

    Patellar ligament and quadriceps tendon are normally visualized.

    Please correlate clinically and with relevant investigations/ arthroscopy.

    • Sparrc
      11 years ago Reply

      Hi Jayant, noted down your details..request you to get in touch with your nearest Sparrc Branch for detailed diagnosis and treatment.

      • Prashanth
        7 years ago Reply

        Hi Doctor,

        About a month ago I was jogging then suddenly my knee got swollen and I had pain in my left knee, I went to doctor and took an MRI scan
        Edematous Anterior Cruciate ligament is found
        Doctor has suggested for a surgery..please advice me on this

  • vishal
    11 years ago Reply

    hello doctor
    about 20 months back i fell down from bike, i got injured at knee, since then i have pain in my knee, i consulted doctor they advised me to do some exercises but still i have pain in my knee.
    doctor please can i have your appointment this week

    • Sparrc Staff
      11 years ago Reply

      Hi Vishal, please call our front desk to book your appointment slot. We have branches at chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Thirupur. Below link has contact details. Please get in touch with our nearest branch.

  • Fahim
    8 years ago Reply

    Hello Doctor,
    3 days back i had an injury while playing football from which i’m suffering from complete ACL tear in my right knee. Doctor advised me for a reconstruction surgery and also in internet i see many are suggesting for same.

    So pls advise me whether this complete ACL tear is 100% curable without surgery..?

  • Sanjeev Gupta
    8 years ago Reply

    I have a severe nerve compression in my L5 disc in my spinal cord. Wanted to know if you do any physiotherapy to rectify this.

  • jitu
    8 years ago Reply

    Want to check and treat a torn ligament

    8 years ago Reply

    My wife is affected by severe pain in the left shoulder and the pain spread over up to fingers. I want an appointment in chrompet on 22.09.2016. If confirmed please inform immediately so as to chennai on 22.09.2016. Waiting for your earliest reply.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

  • Rehan
    8 years ago Reply

    hello sir my right knee ACL is complete torn many doctors recomended me for surgery this happend with me last year will it heal in your institute because yesterday i saw a video of a crickter same case is with him and now he is ok as in the video he tell plz rply sir

  • ahmed
    8 years ago Reply

    i have low back pain radiating to right lower limb associated with numbness and parasthesia on the lateral aspect of right thigh,as a result of fall downstairs on 13th Augest 2016
    result of MRI showed L5-S1 DISC PROLAPSE

    please i need treatment to avoid surgery

  • Mohsin
    8 years ago Reply

    Hello Dr
    I have a problem partial thickness tear of anterior cruciate ligament dr suggest me to go for operation (orthoscopy) but I want to avoid surgery. plzzz help me

  • Mahesh
    8 years ago Reply


    I have low back pain radiating to feet. Can you tell me the fees structure for getting the treatment?

  • Shuba
    8 years ago Reply

    Dear Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi
    My mother in law who is 70 years old is suffering from severe pain in knee joints. She walks with great difficulty . A physiotherapist has been coming and giving her some treatment for last two weeks, but there not much effect. She is obese and walks with the support of walker. Doctors opine that this is due to old age and knee replacement is the only option to get relieved of the pain. She is not willing to go in for surgery. Is there any way we can consult you and you could help us out in this regard. if yes, would be much obliged if you could give an appointment.


  • Saradhi
    8 years ago Reply


    I have been Diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis in 2013 and had undergone 3 shots of Stem cell Treatment.

    I having a Problem of Limping my Left Leg , Imbalance and Urinary incontinence.

    Can you help me out with my Problem??

    Please let me know ASAP.

  • Madhu
    7 years ago Reply

    Hello doc
    My hand slipped Nd raised d accelerator of the scooter while starting..Lost control banged a trident Nd d vehicle fell on d left Nd my leg below d vehicle…Now I’m diagnosed with ligament and shock absorber ruptured…Iv been asked to undergo Arthroscopy…I fell 21. October 2017…
    I’m 40 yrs f..
    Plz guide if surgery can b avoided with any alternative treatments?

  • Sanjay C
    7 years ago Reply

    Hello Doctor,

    My Brother In Law has brachial plexus injury. This happened before 3 years when he met with an accident.

    He has problem with shaking hand wrist and 4 nerves have got damaged.

    Kindly request you to review and let us know if this can be cured at your esteemed institute.

    Muralidhar. N


    Sanjay – 9900001861

  • Paul
    7 years ago Reply

    Sir my mother age 65 weight 88 suffering from knee pain doctors told for tkr surgery pls help me sir

  • Paul
    7 years ago Reply

    Contact no 9849575209

  • Susan Partnow
    7 years ago Reply

    I am 70 years old and suffering with arthritic knees that are getting worse and worse… I am otherwise in good health. I am working on losing 5 to 10 kilos… I would love to avoid replacement surgery but the pain is starting to disturb my sleep and limit my activity– especially stairs and hiking. I live in the USA. Do you have any trained associates there? I’m in seattle though have family in Los Angeles and other places…

    7 years ago Reply

    Hello Doctor,

    Past back three years ago I had a ACL tear while playing football,so I went to the doctor he advised me to go for MRI and it revealed that I had a ACL and MEDIAL MENISCUS tear (Partial) so he advised me to go for operation but at that time I was studying so I aborted the idea of operation and gave rest to my leg. Through someone I got to know about this institute which cures ligament tear by physiotherapy. So at last I want to ask a question whether ACL tear can be treated completely by physiotherapy or not. Please let me know about the query and appointment.

  • Poonam Pilani
    7 years ago Reply

    I have a complete ACL tear, would like an appointment with Dr. Kannan, please let me know. Thank you!


  • monish satish
    7 years ago Reply

    I am a cricketer and I had a partial ACL and medial meniscus tear on 12 oct 2017. Doctors have suggested 6 weeks of rest but I was hoping to get fit sooner so I don’t miss my whole season.
    If you can help it would be great.

  • Gaddam venkatesh
    7 years ago Reply

    Hello sir,
    I had a partial acl and and medial meniscus tear sir before one month docters suggested me to take rest.after that plan for arthroscopic reconstruction surgery sir,is there any ninsurgical process sir pls help me

  • K.Sridar
    7 years ago Reply

    My daughter is 21 yrs. Studying MA journalism. She keep complaining accute back pain. MRI shows one disc not in good condition. It showed black in colour. Dr muthukumar seen her advised Dr vinodh to see her. She was advised few excercise. But within a week she complains of severe pain from back. Left and right side buttax the pain shifts and goes down to legs too.i heard about you. Please advise what to do now. Can I bring her to you.

  • Senthil
    7 years ago Reply

    hello dr
    i have pain And numbness in leftside neck and sholder in last 6 month i take lot medecince bt not cure yet i take normal pshyo allso d’ntwork i take mri report was c5-c6 disc early bulge please tell how relive this problem .

    Anna nagar

  • Senthil
    7 years ago Reply

    hello dr
    i have pain And numbness in leftside neck and sholder in last 6 month i take lot medecince bt not cure yet i take normal pshyo allso d’ntwork i take mri report was c5-c6 disc early bulge please tell how relive this problem .
    Anna nagar
    MOB No:9677152902

  • Paresh Shah
    6 years ago Reply

    Same problem as so many others have.
    Left knee ligament tear.
    I have been advised for surgery.
    I would like to take last chance with you for curing it without surgery.
    I have heard a lot about you. So please guide me.

  • Vignesh ayyavu
    6 years ago Reply

    Sir ..I had acl tear grade 3 . .is it possible to Recover without surgery ..please. Reply as soon as possible ..I am dying with this problem . 8903044501

  • Murugesh
    6 years ago Reply

    Hi Doctors,
    I am having grade 3 acl tear. I need to get back to play football. Is surgery iS the only options.

  • jags
    6 years ago Reply

    Sir, i had acl tear completely. Any ways to recover with out surgery. Please save me sir.

  • Kannan Parthasarthy
    6 years ago Reply


    I have been diagnosed for Cervical Spondylosis. I am 44 years of age. Is this
    reversible. Pain in the neck and shoulder area sometime travelling to the left hand.
    Please advice.

  • Kavya
    6 years ago Reply


    Can osteo arthritis for 68 yr old woman be treated? orthopaedics have suggested knee replacement? Can knee replacement be avoided and she can get rid of the huge pain she is undergoing and walk normally? Her leg has got curve

  • Sathish Kumar
    6 years ago Reply

    I have a c5-6 left paracentral protrusion. I have shoulder pain on my left side. I need an appointment.
    Sathish Kumar

  • Amiya Pradhan
    6 years ago Reply

    Hello Sir,

    I have a complete ACL tear in my right knee. Doctors asking for surgery for reconstruction of ACL. Please suggest if this can be curable.

  • B Jagannathan
    6 years ago Reply

    Doctor Pugazhendhi Good Morning ! I was referred by Mr.Emmanuveul of Old Kerala Jewellery.
    I am B.Jagannathan aged 73 + years Retired Mechanical Engineer from Railways residing at Selaiyur Tambaram East Near Camp Road Junction. I have Cervical Spondylities/Radiocutopathy. Cervical Canal Dimension C5-C5 is 0.66. C5C6 IV disc shows diffuse circumferential bulge causing extradural thecal sac indentation and compression of bilateral nerve roots existing at that level L>R.C6C7 is also the same as above.C3C4,C4C5 also the same as above. L3L4, L4L5 IV disc show diffuse circumferential bulge with central posterior protrusion causing extradural thecal sac indentation and compression of the left nerve root existing at that level.My Railway Neuro Surgeon Dr. Raj Kumar and as well Miot Neuro Surgeon Dr.Singh have advised to go for Surgery .
    Dr Could My problem solved with your esteemed treatment ? If so what would be duration of your treatment and the total Likely cost of the treatment. I shall be obliged if I get a reply to this. My mail id . My contact number 9042767824

  • Rajeshwari
    6 years ago Reply

    Dear Dr. My daughter suffering last two years post viral arthritis. She is 20 years old.only remedy for this steroid only she has taken 3 inj 80mg,60,40,and predmet also. Now she is suffering negative thoughts, anger,hurt herself and others.Iheard spaarrc inst. Pls kindly advice me your theraphy method is work out for her.pls reply immediately.

  • Abedin
    6 years ago Reply

    Hi doctor
    . IAM suffering from l5- s1 problem from last 6 months. Can I am not able to walk sit and sleep. Is there any therepy which can come to normal

  • Sathish Kumar
    6 years ago Reply

    My Father in law at Krishnagiri, aged 65, has severe degenerative knee joints and hence he has severe pain both knees and difficulty in walking. He don’t want total knee replacement surgery. I am a public health doctor. Can you give us options for non surgical treatments.

  • Md. Ishtiaque Haque
    5 years ago Reply

    Dear Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi,

    I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I wish to visit you. I am suffering from torn of right knee ligament since 2004. I can not run, if I walk on uneven places, I feel my knee twist and feel a lot of pain. Nowadays I am unable to walk more than 15 mins due to pain in the knee. I also have pain in the left shoulder. It was twisted somehow in the gym. I am getting overweighted day by day cause I am unable to do hard physical activities. Please suggest me what to do now. I wish to plan a visit to you in August.

  • Dharmraj Yadav
    5 years ago Reply

    Dr. Kannad,

    I Dharmraj Yadav, failed from bike 7 years ago and now in MRI, ACL complete tear detected. Ortho advised for surgical reconstruction. Can surgical treatment be avoided?. Can i run, jog and do all sports activity without surgery ..pls advise

    Im from Pune, working in Mumbai..

  • Dharmraj Yadav
    5 years ago Reply

    Hello Dr Kannan,

    Just re-articulating my question as previously posted not clear.

    I had an accident 7 yrs ago, fell off the bike..recently in MRI of Right knee it has shown that ‘Near complete tear pattern of ACL and longitudinal tear of lateral meniscus’ . Surgery has been advised ..

    Can it be treated without surgery .
    Pls advise

  • Nikki
    4 years ago Reply

    Hello Dr Pugazhendi,

    I am suffering from tennis elbow issue since the last 3 years. Since few months my golf elbows have started hurting too. I went through therapy, got cortisone shots once and now I am trying massage therapy at a chiropractor. None of this seems like it is helping me. Do you have any non surgical treatment. Please let me know. Thank you

  • Subramanian
    4 years ago Reply


    I had arthoscopic labral repair surgery for my right shoulder during May 2018. And I was happy with the surgery for the past two years. But during June 2020, I started experiencing pain in my shoulder and when I consulted the surgeon I was advised MRI and on seeing MRI surgeon told me that I have retear in the labrum and I have to go for latrajet surgery or PRP injection. Is there any possibility to avoid surgery Sir.

  • Nel
    4 years ago Reply

    Sir ,

    I am suffering from acl completely tear problem , all doctor suggest me to make surgery but i want know that without acl ligment surgery my problem is 100 percent curable or not curable sir please clarify my doubt

  • Jahnavi Jaanu
    4 years ago Reply

    It is always great news for the patients to get cured without surgery. The pain really kills the happiness and the thought of surgeries is a nightmare. Thank you for all the information shared.

  • priya
    2 years ago Reply

    Thank you for sharing information about prp treatment in hyderabad

  • best chiropractor in hyderabad
    1 month ago Reply

    This post is extremely radiant. I really like this post. It is outstanding amongst other posts that I’ve read in quite a while. Much obliged for this better than average post. I truly value it!

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