sparrc helped me in improving my posture & fitness levels

“I would like to congratulate the people at Sparrc for the wonderful work they do. I have been working with Dr. Kannan & his team for more than a year. They have trained me in improving my posture & fitness levels. I have¬†benefited¬†immensely from their program”

– Viswanathan Anand (World Chess Champion)


  • J Jayalatha Prakash
    13 years ago Reply

    Yes SPARRC team is doing a very good job.

    Dr Kannan’s team is marvellous and the doctor also is too kind and frank in telling the dos and donts. I have attended lectures of Dr Kannan Pughazendi wrt back and spine problems and all those are excellent.

    The entire team is very good nevertheless to Say Veera/ Mani/ and lots more
    in the queue. I have been associated with them since three years now and they have cured my back and knee problems because of my sedantary habits.

    All the physios are little ANGELS who are doing service to the people in pain
    Kudos to doctor and team.
    J Jayalatha Prakash

    • Fitness Advisor
      13 years ago Reply

      We are glad we have been of help to you in the way best know taught to us by Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi.
      Please remember that EXERCISE IS THE KEY TO GOOD HEALTH.
      Thank you

  • Lakshmi Valluri
    8 years ago Reply

    My son (22yrs) suffered a frea k injury in April this year and suffered a minor ligament injury.But even after three months healing is incomplete.Will your institute be able to help.

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