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 The Six Healing Sounds:

Just about everybody in the modern world has to deal with some sort of stress. Health professionals have placed stress as an underlying factor in a wide range of diseases.  SPARRC way of dealing with stress is to perform the Six Healing Sounds. The Six Healing Sounds are so simple and easy to perform.

The Six Healing Sounds work to transform the negative energy stored in the organs and to transform them into healing light. That works better than holding onto negativity or dumping it out onto someone else because such emotional venting only serves to pass an emotional virus onto another and, via the law of karma, eventually that same negativity will be revisited upon the person who sent it out in the first place.

When negative emotional energy is transmuted, it can then be circulated through the Microcosmic Orbit to send healing energy throughout the body.

So how does Six Healing Sounds work ?

The Six Healing Sounds practice helps to move congested qi and allow the body to get rid of it by creating different internal vibrations and pressures within different parts of the body through the inhaling and exhaling of air. In other words, when you make the six healing sounds, you are giving the internal organs a good massage to expel stale q

A lot of techniques require months and years of practice before any noticeable results occur. Thankfully, that s not the case with the Six Healing Sounds. They work first time, every time. So what are you waiting for? enrol our upcoming six healing workshop and get benefited.

Venue: SPARRC Besant Nagar

Call 965 965 0000 to book your slot.

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