About Dr Kannan Pugazhendi

Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi, a pupil of the Madras Medical College graduated in the year 1986. He was fortunate about a career of sports medicine and was assigned to travel with Indian cricket team in 1989 (west indies series) as their team physician. He pursued his Master of sports medicine in New South Wales University, Australia. Dr.Kannan had been the Sports Physician of Altanta Olympics, 1996 and Indian hockey team Physician for World cup in 2002.

Educational Background

Institute Course
Madras University MBBS
University of NSW (Australia) Masters In Sports Medicine
American College of Sports Medicine ACSM

Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi  has been the Sports Physician for almost all the International Sports Teams of the country which is inclusive of:

Indian Cricket Team
Indian Hockey Team
Indian Football Team
Indian Squash Team
Indian Rugby Team
Indian Cricket League
Indian Triathlon Team
Indian Softball Team – Girls
Indian Volleyball Team – Women
Indian Sailing Team
Indian Korfball Team
Indian Squash Team

He was the ringside Physician and Consultant for:

Tamilnadu Boxing Association
Tamilnadu Judo Association
Tamilnadu Basketball Association
Tamilnadu Amateur Athletic Association
Asian Squash Championship
Special Olympics – National Level
South Asian Federation (SAF) games – He trained the entire Primary Care teams which consisted of Physicians, Surgeons and Nurses, to handle injuries both on field and off field.

Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi worked as the Medical officer at the YMCA college of Physical education for 21 years. He also established Fitness Foundation Academy, a Sports Medicine Centre to cater the underprivileged athletic, sports population.

The Compassion and impeccable sagacity impregnated in his aura lead to creating SPARRC  Institute in 2006. Sports Performance Assessment Rehabilitation Research  Counseling  Institute spread all over India in scorching  pace as a well established chain of sports medicine centre.

Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi, a phenomenon in the field of Sports Medicine was an enigma to many of his friends and colleagues until he was noticed for his trailblazing concepts in the field of sports medicine. His congruence, steadfast belief, great practice in the field of Sports and Fitness proved him successful in his career. He has trained many health care professionals such as medical doctors, physiotherapists, physical education professionals, nutritionists, national and international athletes and sportsmen. He has penned numerous articles and series of Q and A columns with Indian Express, The Hindu and few other popular dailies and magazines.

His benevolent thoughts and actions culminated into an educational Institute that emerged as Indian Institute of Sports Medicine offering ground breaking courses. Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi coined the term “Fitness Medicine” and created a new specialization Fitness Medicine and Lifestyle Diseases Management in 2017. He is the most sought after Sports Medicine Doctor of our nation who serves the underprivileged sporting population for more than three decades without charging his professional fee. He continues in contributing and uplifting Indian Sportsmanship untiringly.

He started working for children with special needs through exercise intervention creating a platform for Paediatric Sports Medicine that resulted in an ongoing project called FAMES – Fitness Adaptation and Movement Education Services that consist a team of Developmental paediatrician, Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, Art therapists, Psychologists, Special educators and Physiotherapists.


The out-door training manual created in 1968 for the Tamil Nadu police has been redesigned by him including the latest Training Techniques for the improvement of the Training Program matching world standards.

He assisted the Officers Training Academy in 2002-03 in indentifying the cause for the Pelvic bone Stress Fracture of the women cadets; the suggestion of the shoes that could reduce the impact of the OCs was given by him, which was implemented the same year.

He also created a Fitness Program for the personnel of the Central Industrial Security Force, Hyderabad.

As  a consultant at Kalakshetra, he helped create an innovative and unique Dance medicine curriculum for the students/dancers who were training to graduate as future Classical Dance instructors. Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi has been the Physician for the Chennai,  Hyderabad, Delhi Marathons.

He has extended continual support to Cancer Institute, Chennai in all their Awareness programs and events providing the necessary resource material with regards to the Importance of Exercise and Fitness in preventing Cancer. He conducted a Chennai city wide Marathon – Race Against Cancer in 2014  and the Youth Health Mela alongside Cancer Institute to spread awareness amongst youth.

He is also an elected Board member – Chief Minister’s Project SDAT for Preparation of Indian Athletes for Olympics 2016.

Qualified Instructor of Brazilian Jujitsu and Kalaripayatu.

Recipient of Various Awards of Excellence for his contributions to the society, in keeping people Healthy and Pain free through Non Invasive and Conservative Medical approaches in the field of Sports Medicine.

Doctor has successfully designed a weight loss reality show (Ollibelly) in one of the South Indian private television channel (Star Vijay). Over 50 contestants participated and lost combined weight of 1000kgs in less than 3 months.

Rural Sports Development and identifying young sports talent are the recent developments in his career.

Contact Information:
4, Alwarpet Street, Alwarpet Chennai 18,
Tamil Nadu, India
Email: Doc@sparrcinstitute.com , sparrc@gmail.com   Web site: www.sparrc.com


  • P.karthika
    6 years ago Reply

    Sir if you conduct any workshop please inform us

  • Dr R Balaji
    5 years ago Reply

    Dear Dr. Kannan P(Sir)
    Thanks for giving a consultation on 11/04/2019 inspite of your busy schedule. I was overwhelmed by your 2 minute assessment & reassuring me about me back to normal activity in 10 days, after physio. I was relieved that I didnt have to go under the knife as suggested by my doctors( no blame game). Its my 4th day after tx, & my pain has come from 7/10 to 2/10. I appreciate your team for their commitment, patient hearing & care. I trust you so much that in 10 days I shall be back working full swing( human nature). Your Midas touch shall continue to help more & more people suffering from undiagnosed pain. God bless you.

  • Karthik.j
    5 years ago Reply

    One of the best physios in India…he is a class doctor with adequate knowledge in sports medicine and a great human being who has given a solution to my birth defect …thanks doctor…especially upper body lower body integration…I am karthik a badminton player from coimbatore…

  • Kalyani
    5 years ago Reply

    Hi I am Kalyani
    I have been last 3 months I am doing exercise here. It’s very good trained coachers here. I came for a compliant of iam unable to walk properly. They are giving in aqua therapy also. In water I am able to walk .. and doing exercise….. Thanks for your support.
    Thanks and regards

  • Akshaya Babu
    5 years ago Reply

    My son Arun (31) took treatment for ligament injury in right leg..with Dr KP..of SPAARC..He was cured and has resumed his sports activity.. we.. his parents also benefitted after our knee pain and back pain .. and seeing us springing back to active life.. many of our friends with knee, joints and hip pain..took treatment with Dr KP and has recovered .. even now a friend Ms Sasikala is under treatment and getting better.. Dr KP is a boon to our society relieving so many of pain , esp without medicines and surgery… tq Sir

  • Srinivasan
    5 years ago Reply

    Sir I have prostate gland for the last three years. I am talking medicine for treatment. PSA is less than 2.oo is it possible for any excerise without surgery. Thanks sir

  • Srinivasan
    5 years ago Reply

    I am69 years old

  • S.Vijayan
    5 years ago Reply

    I need an appoint with you doctor. Please let me know the available time.

  • Basant kumar
    5 years ago Reply

    call sparcc : Phone: 044 4506 6131 for appointment

    or visit (also search on google if you are not from chennai , sparcc is having branches in delhi /mumbai /banglore etc.)
    Address: #4, Alwarpet St, behind Hushpuppies Showroom, Seetammal Colony, MIG Colony, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018
    Opens 6AM Mon-sat

  • Paruchuri Srihari
    5 years ago Reply

    Hello, need appointment

  • Vandana P K
    3 years ago Reply

    My husband Ring finger and small finger he feels tingling and numb partially. This mainly started after taking drip during his covid treatment. And the pain was in the elbow after that. Now the elbow is not their. Only numbers and working in computers for longer time. Can a physotheraphy help to rectify this.

  • Shazia
    3 years ago Reply

    Hloo sir… Hope u r f9.. I also went sparrc institute in 2015 as I had numbness in my leg… Now I am much better.. Thanks alot for ur support.. From kashmir

  • R Balu
    2 years ago Reply

    My wife shoulder problem where she was not able to lift her hands. We visited many surgeons and all suggested key hole surgery which we were not keen. Finally we met Dr Kannan Pugezhendhi and he treated for few months and my wife recovered fully. He saved us from surgery. Thank you dr and his physio team.

  • Raja fredrick dass
    1 year ago Reply

    No words about sir excellence and his experience. Now iam fully recovery. Thank you so much sir and his team.

  • Kala Raman
    1 year ago Reply

    I visited Dr Kannan Pugazhendi  with the multiple complaints like , knee pain , wobbling walk and heel spur. He had just touched and sensed the origin of the pain in seconds and directed the therapists to attend. The strain and drain on the joints, stiffness and spur have been attended.A week long therapy was given.  The pain& agony which made me almost close to cripple was driven away. My previous health history had been taken into account and  the present issue had been solved by the therapy. Happily taking the strengthening exercises now.Thank you Dr! Thanks to your team.

  • K Chandrasekaran
    2 weeks ago Reply

    Can I consult the doctor on-line

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