Simple weekly Chart to stay Fit!

WC 12/7 M T W T F S S
40 min strength
30 min cardio
1.5 liters water
6 portions of veggies
Bed by 11pm



  • R.palanivel
    12 years ago Reply

    may i know why bed by 11 is not stated for friday and saturday
    as sleep is also necessary for daily routine

    • Sparrc Team
      12 years ago Reply

      Dear Sir

      In response to your query with regards to going to bed at eleven which is not mentioned on Friday and Saturday, we would definitly appreciate those who are able to get to bed on time during weekends but as you may know most of us like to go out or engage ourselves in some recreational activities and thereby don’t really stick to going to bed on time even though we know it is what is good for our health.

      Thank you

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