Eat Right, Stay Fit

1. Break the fast
Do yourself a favour. Visit the breakfast table everyday. This is the time when your body really needs the fuel. Do not force your body into hibernation mode. It’ll slow down your metabolism.
2. No more three square meals
Change your eating habits. Quit the three meals only per day system. Instead, space out your meals into small portions and eat at regular interval.
So if you had an orange juice at 8am, follow it up with a healthy sandwich at 9am. Follow the sandwich with a fruit or two at 10am. This way you won’t feel the hunger pangs and pig out.
3. Savour the flavour
Seen the cows chewing their food? There is something absolutely benign about their expression. While I am not about to suggest that you spend meal times making Connie-the-Cow faces, you certainly should adopt her chewing habits. Savour your meal slowly. That way you won’t feel hungry in a jiffy.
4. Water basics
There is nothing like water to give you the right curves. Don’t believe us? Get your daily quota of two to three litres and see how your health -and skin- improves. However drink water before your meals, not in between, and certainly not after a meal. It gives acidity.
5. Attitude matters
Eat and follow it with power yoga, gym exercises?anything. A healthy combination of food with exercises and the right attitude will transform you.
So, eat right to get – and stay – fit.


  • Muthukumar
    13 years ago Reply

    Hello Doctor,
    “Eat and follow it with power yoga, gym exercises?anything” – Do you suggest us to excercise after eating? If so, what is the interval that we should have between eating and excercise.


    • Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi
      13 years ago Reply

      It is not advisable to workout immediately after a meal. At least two hours of gap should be maintained. Easy-to-digest, high glycemic index foods (providing approximately 50 g of carbohydrate) can be consumed 30 minutes before exercise as they serve as an instant source of energy. Post exercise meal must be rich in protein to repair the wear and tear of the muscles & replenish the glucose lost during the workout.

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