The Truth is within you , Trust your heart , Trust your Inner Thoughts……






Reiki Healer Mrs.sujatha pugazhendi  Went through a long training process to perform Reiki Healing . As a Reiki Practitioner she believes in getting connected with energy through attunments which instantly gives them the ability to channel energy . She received empowerments as a Healer which builds up connection along the lines . It depends how the energy had to benefit a person who receives it. Using Intention in the place of symbol can be meaningful and the same effect could be concluded from it .

Come to our Reiki Healing Session with our Healer Sujatha Pugazhendi at coimbatore on 29th & 30th of April 2017. Remove your Blockages within the body which may have built up for the years resulting in physical pain , stress, emotional worries, and an inability to move forward. A reiki Treatment will leave you feeling re-energized and re- motivated.
Love & Reiki Hugs 
 Sujatha Pugazhendi
 Sparrc Institute
 Managing Director

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