Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

What are MTPs?

These are painful spots on the muscle or muscles, with or without movement restriction and stiffness. They are felt as taut band of muscle fibres, with the nidus being the most painful.

How are MTPs formed?

They are formed by Perpetuating (chronic) and Precipitating (acute) Factors.

The perpetuating factors are slow, subtle in development hence missed or ignored as causes that can be from the activities of daily living, Posture, old injuries, but not optimally treated, Nutritional Deficiency like Vitamin D3 and C, Infections, allergies, even food allergies, hormonal imbalances, obesity, stress and emotional disturbances, muscular imbalances and inactivity. They are usually unnoticed and given minimal importance and significance.

The precipitating factors can be a fall, accident, unaccustomed sporting activities or fitness regimen, sudden escalation of physical activity like carrying heavy objects, though for a short time. They are usually identified as the cause of the pain.

Whom does MTPs affect?

The MTPs affect, young and old, men and women equally. They are common in those working hard intellectually and hardly working physically.

What are the other effects of MTPs?

It could include altered skin sensations like burning or tingling, increased sweating, increased salivation, increased lacrimation, drooping eye lids, ringing in the ears, loss of hearing, loss of balance, blurring of vision, loss of sensation usually referred to as numbness, giddiness, loss of balance, and feeling of heaviness of the arm or legs, etc.

How long MTPs persist?

They may persist for several decades usually taken as undiagnosed, so not treatable, hence to live with them.

Why Ice is applied after MTP release?

Cold application is another form of therapy for the MTP itself that could reduce pain to the minimum, without drug intervention.Cold therapy increases the pain threshold. The effect of cold is known to last longer than heat. It can be administered for 15 – 20 minutes, 3 to 5 times a day. Ice should never be applied directly to the skin. It is a good idea to wrap the ice pack in a towel and keep it moving over the area of application to prevent frost bite.

What is the use of Exercise Rehabilitation ?

This is the most important part of the MTP therapy. Even though the pain may have reduced it would return with a bang if the exercises, stretching and strengthening of the muscles are not initiated appropriately and optimally. The MTP are self-perpetuating and continue to appear again and again without the rehabilitation. The exercises would be vital in preventing the MTP from appearing again.

What is the need for an ergonomical and biomechanical evaluation in treating MTP?

These evaluations are essential to identify the exact perpetuating factors and prevent them from aggravating the condition with specific corrective exercises that make the treatment complete.

Can MTPs occur after all this?

If the emotional factors are not understood though identified it could still happen if the individual goes through any form of amplification of the issues domestic or official. If the patient fails to exercise regularly or stopped them abruptly MTPs would return.  These exercises were countering some of the perpetuating factors that cannot be corrected owing to the individual’s congenital issues as scoliosis, and limb length differences.



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