Cricketer Sanal avoided surgery by meeting Doctor Kannan, got his Ligament tear fixed

While other doctors advised me to go under the knife (surgery) & one doctor said I will not be able to play for 6 months, but after meeting Doctor kannan, he laughed at me saying my case wouldn’t need a surgery!  I not only avoided surgery but within 10 days I started playing cricket again.


  • gulsan ahmed
    8 years ago Reply

    ihave acl tear. I am from delhi. I want to go for acl repair. ples let me know.

  • Naveen
    8 years ago Reply

    Sprain of ACL with buckling of PCL. Doctor advised surgery, but I don’t want any further damage to the knee or my body. Can the ACL and PCL heal with exercises ?

  • Gokul
    7 years ago Reply

    Sir please help me I have torned ACL ….please help me to recover from this injury

  • paras singh
    7 years ago Reply

    ihave acl tear. I am from delhi. I want to go for acl repair. ples let me know. I don’t want to tolerate it .

  • Ravi
    7 years ago Reply

    I have acl and medal mis. Teared . If it’s possible to recover without surgery

  • Jaykumar
    6 years ago Reply

    Sir This is Jaykumar. I fell from bike 2 weeks back. I have Partial Acl tear, mcl sprain and grade 2 tear of posterior horn meniscus tear lateral and medial.will this cure without surgery. Can I run as before at least after 1 Year? Kindly advice

  • amandeep singh kaswal
    6 years ago Reply

    I have a acl compleat tear and doctor are suggesting me to go for a surgery and I don’t want to go for surgery can it heal it self by doing excercises

  • sara
    6 years ago Reply

    I had acl complete tear in my knee.Iam not a sports person too.I felt down from the stairs. I visited ortho dr he asked me to go for rehab.I couldn’t even walk without a walker.I came to visit Sparrcinstitute alwarpet.Dr.kannan gave me confidence that by his treatment and without an acl surgery ” one can do anything like walk, run, dance and even go for marathon “.He suggested me for both aqua and physiotherapy. My improvement was seen within 15 days.I was able to walk slowly without walker.My physiotherapist Ms.Nandhini was very supportive friendly and caring.I hope that i can walk fast, climb stairs in further rehabilitation.Thanks to Dr.kannan pugazhendi and all other dedicated staff.

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