Avoid Back Surgeries at SPARRC

I met my friend after two decades who was suffering with chronic back pain. He asked me for a solution as he had met a dozen doctors and most of them asked him to resort to the scary term “Laminectomy Surgery “. He was perplexed and he asked me “Is there no other option other than Surgery? All the fifty people who came along with me to see the doctor in the hospital were advised for Surgery, everyone’s face turned down with fear and sorrow. Was there Surgery done 50 years ago? How were people treated then?

I started to share my experience with a short story. In a Medical college, a nursing student had severe back pain and was literally carried by her boyfriend into the Physiotherapy department. The chief Physiotherapist watched this daily and suddenly the girl vanished. After a few weeks one day she was jumping and running on the corridor. The chief Physiotherapist was curious to know what happened to her, she called her and asked, “How did you became alright? What treatment did you undergo? Did you change any medicine? OR did you change your doctor?” The girl replied smiling ” No, I changed my boyfriend “. Even though the story is humorous, it sure tells us that pain might have various causes to it and can be treated in many ways without a surgery.

A closeup of a doctor with stethoscope holding an artificial spine model with pelvis unit of human skeleton at roentgen image background. The concept of spine diseases diagnostics.

“Then how can one get rid of pain, what are the other treatment available?”, my friend asked. Yes , of course I told him, we at SPAARC have done this by avoiding surgeries, under the expert guidance of Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi with more than 35 years of experience in this field. We have treated more than million people and we have prevented more than thousands of surgeries.
“Wow! That’s nice to hear. Can you tell me how you do that?” asked my friend.

“We treat our patients conservatively with Myofascial trigger point release, Aqua therapy, Cryotherapy, and also use adjunct techniques like accupuncture, Cranio-sacral therapy, followed by therapeutic rehabilitation exercise to bring patients back to normal.” I said.

“Oh! That’s sounds good but are your techniques proven one?” Asked my friend…. “Yes, sure the techniques we use are scientifically proven and we also had research publication on preventing Surgery for back pain.”
The present study clearly reveals that surgery may not be the optional first line treatment for treating all musculoskeletal complaints. Multidisciplinary approach involving combination of non-invasive complementary interventions had effectively reduced the musculoskeletal pains and prevented surgery in 95% of the patients who completed treatment. Thus this approach can be an effective alternate for surgical and pharmacological therapies for managing majority of Musculoskeletal complaints, which includes your back pain.”

“That’s great, last question will it be costly and time consuming?” asked my friend.

I replied, “The treatment cost would be less than the total cost of your investigations, medicines, surgery and hospital stay. And the exercise what you learn is an investment for your health, which will help improve your lifestyle.”

“Thank you,” with a great relief my friend asked for an appointment.

How about you?

S. Daniel Amalan
Chief Physiotherapist

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