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  1. Vijay   September 1, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    Hi I with great happiness would want to say that I walked into SPARRC Bangalore Centre, after being recommended by close relative in regard to my back pain and numbness in my feet which was not relieved earlier for the last 8 years after visiting many doctors. It was more like a God sent relief I was back to normal without pain and no limping. When I used walk their where comments see the drunkard man walking. Now I work normally and no more Volini, Moov or Bengay ointments which I would applied along the day. What more a elderly person needs at the age of 64. I was treated like a family person and every day I had to think what pain I should talk or inform them in the morning when I go to the centre. After my four months I walk out like a ten years younger. May God bless the young team and trust many people walk out happily. HAPPY HEALTH.


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