Workshop on Functional Training April 2017 Chennai

SPARRC INSTITUTE once again brings you the Trailblazing Functional training workshop owing to a great demand. Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Physiotherapists, Fitness enthusiasts, you are all welcome to be a part of this program that demonstrates 1000 plus functional training exercises in two days.
Date: 29th and 30th of April.

Venue: SPARRC Institute, plot no 936,door no 116,6th avenue , Anna nagar, Chennai – 40.
Contact:  98400 33049 or visit our website
Course fee: Rs.8,000 per head.

Functional Training Workshop Sparrc

How is the functional training assessment useful?
The Functional Training assessment is basically to know whether the individual is capable of bringing the contraction of a muscle as expected at the right time and not to continue to use it further to make the successful effective movement.

About Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi and Functional Training
Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi, Sports Medicine Physician,trains international and national level athletes using Functional Training for achieving their demand of their sport and he has been regularly transferring his knowledge to Recreational athletes,Fitness enthusiasts for optimizing their performance of movement and preventing injuries.

Who can join this workshop
Fitness trainers
Fitness enthusiasts

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