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TAPING…the magic word in the field of Physiotherapy, which helps each physio stand apart from the rest of the health professionals, also known theoretically by some as the most valuable tool in managing Musculoskeletal, Traumatic and Sports injuries could be a boon to you if you attend our workshop.

The opportunity given could be grabbed by today’s Physiotherapists as hot cakes as this wonderful tool can be used to treat, heal and to prevent injuries. It helps in minimizing the risk of re-injury in the phase of Rehabilitation. It also helps to provide the necessary Proprioceptive feedback, which is very important in every aspect of treatment and recovery. The workshop aims at imparting not only knowledge of Taping to the Physiotherapists but also to teach principles behind application of each Taping technique. It also aims at making each delegate participating not only to learn but also practice it right there before receiving their certification. In Australia a Taping certificate would be issued only after 800 hours of practice.  The ultimate goal is that every Indian Physiotherapist should have this tool in their pocket so that this growing ever- advancing field of Physiotherapy benefits people in our country on par with the west and other advanced countries.

Course Content for the Taping Work Shop both Theory & Practicals:



Need Analysis

Techniques for the following conditions

Mechanics of taping

Ankle Sprain, Plantar Fascitis

Physiology of Taping

Fibular Derangement

Anthropometry of Taping

Tibialis Posterior Tendinitis

Type of Taping Material

Turf Toem, Hallux Valgus

Stretch Adhesive Taping

Achilles Tendinitis

Non Stretch Adhesive Taping

Medial Collateral Ligament Sprain

Classification of Taping

Lateral Collateral Ligament Sprain


Morton’s foot, Morton’s neuroma

Pre Assessment

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Sprain

Preventive Measures

Pes Anserine Tendinitis

Storage of Taping Material

Patello Femoral Dysfunction


TFCC Injury,  CMC Joint


Lateral Epicondylitis


AC Joint &  Shoulder Subluxation

Knowledge of Taping Technique

Supraspinatus Tendinitis

All applicants will receive a Certificate of Achievement. For further information call us.


  • raman kumar
    12 years ago Reply

    THIS IS RAMAN kumar a ex trainne in spaarc institute learns a lott by dr kannan’s personal consen..dr is like my god father and just becz of him i m havg my bread and butter ..i m running a departmnt in delhi nd serving patients with succesive outputs.. wana jion once again to learn taping , accupuntre nd sports certification courses

  • raman kumar
    12 years ago Reply

    may i knw the fee structure for all these three courses:
    1–diploma in accupuntre
    2— sports physiotherapy certification
    3–advance taping workshop
    4–swiss ball workshop
    please maintion the time duration of all these nd commencement of programme—
    convey my PRANAM nd regards to dr kannan

    • Sparrc Staff
      12 years ago Reply

      Dear Sir

      Mentioned below are the course details as per your request

      Duration: 6 months, classes on weekends only
      Fee: Rs 20000
      Sports Physiotherapy
      Duration: 2 to 3 months approximately, most classes on weekends
      Fee: Rs.20000
      Taping Workshop
      Duration: Two days[one weekend]
      Fee: Rs.3500
      Swiss ball Workshop
      Duration: one day
      Fee: 2500

      All the above mentioned workshops are scheduled to happen between September and november this year, the confirmed dates for which will be put up on our website.

      Lariena Daniels

  • Nitin Joshi
    8 years ago Reply

    I want to join the sports physiotherapy certificate program and advance taping workshop.

    Can i please know the fees and the location of course along with the starting dates

  • Rajesh Arora
    8 years ago Reply

    Taping course details please

  • Dr.R.Theivakumar
    7 years ago Reply

    I would like to learn tapping course,kindly forward next programme details.
    Physio therapist

  • Supadevi
    7 years ago Reply

    Hi sir,
    Im Dr.S.Supadevi.MBBS.,MD(anat).Im interested in doing fellowship in sports medicine and im keen to know whether there is any fellowship program conducted in our institutions for post MD people in this academic year 2017-18.if so kindly let me know so that it will be helpful for me.

  • yamuna.k
    7 years ago Reply

    Dear sir,

    I would like to join in taping and swiss ball workshop.

    Am basically from coimbatore.

    Kindly let me know the course date and fee structures.

  • Ushaa
    7 years ago Reply

    Hello sir, I m interested to learn sports physio current, please assist me on the dates of courses and fee structures
    Am basically from Chennai.

    • Kalpana
      1 year ago Reply

      Sir i would like to learn taping workshop

  • Purvi
    7 years ago Reply

    Can I know when will this workshop on tapping will held and where?

  • shakeel
    7 years ago Reply

    Hello sir,
    May I know the dates of taping workshop in august 2017

  • rutuja
    7 years ago Reply

    hello sir,
    i would like to know about the certification programmes conducted by your institute for undergraduates this year in sept and oct

  • Sheila
    7 years ago Reply

    Hello sir,
    I would like to know about certificate programmes done by your institution for undergraduates

  • Ramya
    6 years ago Reply

    This is Ramya physiotherapist.. I would like to know when will be the next session of tapping class for this year 2018

  • ajmal huaain
    6 years ago Reply

    Sir what are the next workshop conducting over there

  • Siva
    6 years ago Reply

    Hello sir
    When the tapping and sports physiotherapy workshops will starts?
    May I know the date??

  • Dinesh
    6 years ago Reply

    I am in interested for sports taping course.

  • Princy
    5 years ago Reply

    I would like to know taping workshop details

  • Vishnu
    5 years ago Reply

    Taping workshop details and dates

  • Madhumathi
    5 years ago Reply

    May I know the timings and amount?

  • ayush
    4 years ago Reply

    may i know about the charges duration, place and date of the wotrkshop on tapeing? and will it be advantageous for a bigginer to attend this? will the basics be clear?

  • Teffy Guru
    1 year ago Reply

    Hi am Guru, a fitness coach, planning to study taping course in our institute..kindly tell me when will be the next class is going to ON..Mob no:7867800111

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