Sujok Acupuncture & Onnuri Medicine Course

Introducing short term course on SUJOK ACUPUNCTURE & ONNURI MEDICINE:

Courses Endorsed by International SuJok Association – MASCOW

Introductory / Basic Course / Meridian SuJok Ki Course


An Intense information loaded course by

Dr.Vincent G.Vasanthan

M.P.T (Musculoskeletal & Sports).,

M.D (Acu).,Ph.D(Acu).,D.Y.J.,D.L.Sc.,


Chairman, Lychee Healthcare Institute

International SuJok Association Certified Lecturer

Organizing Secretary of Tamilnadu – ISA (INDIA)

South Zone Committee Member of ISA

With easy to understand International Standard Presentation to make you understand the depth of SuJok Acupuncture

For Course fee and workshop dates please check our News & Events Section.

Contact or call 8695 360 360 for further details.


  • Suman
    7 years ago Reply

    Respected Doctor,

    My Mother last year underwent Trigger finger issue (middle finger in right hand), initially she was given two injections with of 6 months in between and finally underwent surgery for Right hand. Now she start similar facing Mild obstructions in Left hand Middle finger. I believe she again has to undergo surgery for Left hand now. Pls advise / suggest.

    Age: 57 years
    Medical history- Diabetes type two
    Has thyroid (taking Tab Thronome 100 MCG 1/Day)
    Has High BP also.

    Many thanks

  • Dr.Mahmood Nawaz Khan
    7 years ago Reply

    Hats off to Dr.Vincet sir for training us for a miraculous pain medicine.

  • Binal morabia
    7 years ago Reply

    Hi I have learnt sujok level 1,wanted to learn further
    I medical professional please let me know what will be course structure and fees

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