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  • J Chatterjee
    11 years ago Reply

    Dear Madam/ Sir,

    I need your guidance & help, please. I had been suffering from low back pain for the last 6-7 years now. I had tried all Allopathic treatment, under the guidance of emiment doctors of Calcutta but intensity of the pain had sadly increased over the years & now I am unable to carry on with my job also, as I am into sales & my job profile includes travelling as well. I had done 2 MRIs & 2 X Rays during this tenure. Off late, during the last couple of years, along with low pack pain, I am also suffering from pain on both legs (specially on cuff muscle on left feet that becomes unbearable during walking).

    The following is the nutshell of the reports:

    Latest X Ray Report a month back: L4-L5, L5-S1 disc spaces are reduced. L5-S1 facet joints show sclerosis of arthopathy. Straitening of lumber lordosis. Vertebral body height, alignment & posterior elements are normal.

    MRI Report Impression as on May’11: Findings are suggestive of degerative changes in L4-L5, L5-S1 discs with postero lateral disc herniations. These discs are compressing the thecal sac & cauda equina nerve roots at L4-L5 and encroaching on both L4-L5 & L5-S1 nuetral foramina and existing nerve roots. Postero-lateral disc bulges at L1-L2, L2-L3 & L3-L4 are noted without nerve root compression. Borderline secondary central canal stenosis is noted at L4-L5. Both sacro illiac joints show no significant abnormality.

    On comparison with previous MRI dated mid 2009, no significant change is seen in lumbosacral spine.

    I had been doing Bhujungasana & Salvasana (along with homeopathy) for the last 1 month but pain persists.

    I would request you to kindly help me out to come out of this pain & let me know your remedy please.

    Thanking You,

    With Warm Regards

    • Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi
      11 years ago Reply

      Dear Chatterjee we have sent you an email. Thanks

  • dhanalakshmi
    11 years ago Reply

    sir!!!! iam an athlete ! i startd getting pain in some muscles on the right side hip! it remaind for 2 weeks !! iam a hurlder so started with my workouts and it strtd aggrevated !! nw it has also gne to front side!! my meet is on june 9 2012 i need to perpare!!!!! so what kind of injury it may be ?? and what can i do for this???????
    please tell me!!!!!!!:):)

    • Dr Kannan Pugazhendi
      11 years ago Reply

      Dear Dhanalakshmi,

      I would suggest you to come and meet me to understand your current condition better. Kindly contact our front office for an appointment.

    10 years ago Reply

    Dr. You have inspired me not only philosophically but also technically.I am proud to be your student.
    Thank you

  • Nanditha
    10 years ago Reply

    I had a ligament tear in my right ankle 4 years back and it healed well.Last year i used the gym for about 6 months and experienced intense pain in my ankle and knee.i also found that i have a runners knee from the physiotherapist at the gym.Of late the pain is unbearable .Please let me know your contact no \address to book an appointment .

  • Farook KS
    9 years ago Reply

    My name is Farook (male 40Yrs) I have
    muscle knot (trigger point)and upper back pain and thoracic spine pain
    sir i am working in front of computer. i am suffering from upper back pain from last 8 years and i am
    almost living with pain everyday. there are muscle knots between my spine and shoulder blades, neck muscles and skull muscle,jaws,theigh, calf muscle etc almost everywhere…
    and also pain in my spine (thoracic curve )sharp pain. i do take myotherapy and it gives temporary 3
    releif. they do elbow deep press on these muscle knots, it gives only temporary relief.
    please advice me how can i come out from this pain

    • Sparrc Staff
      9 years ago Reply

      Thank you for getting in touch with us.
      Myofascial trigger point release is a treatment form that requires alot of experience and knowledge to be applied effectively.As most people know Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi is the expert who discovered and introduced such a treatment technique to effectively resolve long standing painful conditions.Inorder to do so an accurate diagnosis of muscles involved and appropriate levels of application of the technique is required for an effective outcome of treatment which am sure you can achieve under doc’s expert guidance at SPARRC.
      Please do share your contact no in email to facilitate an appointment and help you get rid of your pain.
      Sparrc Team

  • Munna
    9 years ago Reply

    Hello Doc,
    I am a sports person & lead a very active life without which I feel powerless. I need your help.

    I had lower back pain five years ago & underwent MRI to discover a Disc Extrusion at L5-S1. I underwent a treatment for few months, I was a bit alright with occasional pains that used to go away with few exercises. Recently the frequency has increased & went for an MRI again. I have the same problem L5-S1 Disc extrusion but now I also have Disc Degeneration.

    Can it be cured? Can I have an appointment? Please let me know.

    • Sparrc Staff
      9 years ago Reply

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you getting in touch. We at SPARRC can surely help you get back to an active lifestyle that pleases you under the expert guidance of Dr.Kannan Pugazhendhi. Pls do email us your contact no so as a facilitate an appointment at the earliest. Doc consults in Chennai thrice a week. He also consults at our Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Bangalore centers. Please do keep us informed of your convenience. Our mail id is

      SPARRC team

  • venkatesan krishnan
    6 years ago Reply

    sir i was had a acl knee surgery in four month before.after surgery my leg was not range. the pain is there every week i am going physio center but its not improve can u help me sir

  • Sreejith Nambiar
    6 years ago Reply

    Hi Sir,
    I am working in IT field and last 4 years I was suffering from lower back pain + leg pain which will start some what june – july in each year. I met many doctors like orthopedic , neuro and finally done Ayurvedic therapy which got some relax . But it again start after 6 or 8 months. This made my life horrible and thought to quit my job also. Please help me to come out of this situation.
    This year it started on August and have still pain in my lower back. This year I have spinal pain too.Waiting for your reply.

  • D Jembakam
    6 years ago Reply


    I am D Jembakam, from Bangalore. I have consulted with you on 22.11.2016 when you visited Indira nagar sparrc institute by appointment at 2.45 p.m . I was very much happy when you gave me a hope that there is no need of surgery for my knees. I got appointment for further treatment on 14.12.2016. The physiotherapist on that day told me it will take long time nearly two to three Months. I was ready to take that much treatment. First day she gave the treatment for half an hour. She told me that from next day she has to give 45minutes treatment and they collected Rs.1500 per day . On 15th and 16th she gave good theraphy. On 16th they asked me to pay Rs.3000 for the 16th and 17th. But on the 17th they gave me only small exercises to perform.
    I am concerned as to what treatment I should expect. If it is only exercises, I could perform them at home and consult once in ten days. I do not see a reason to travel everyday for this.
    Can you please help me understand what treatment I should expect?

  • A Muralidharan
    6 years ago Reply

    Dear Dr

    I would like to meet you very urgently since I am not able to lie down nor caugh because of catch in chest muscles. Pl give me an appointment in the morning itself today at Chennai. My no is land line 04424984098 mob. 94444019498 / 9841008847


  • Eunes H Curline
    6 years ago Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I Eunes 36 yrs women having sever cervical spondylosis with nerve compression. Do I have remedy for this. I travel long to my office. I am a Quality Manager in one of the private Hospital. My nature is I go rounds often. I use to walk more. Kindly suggest me a remedy for this.

  • Shamshath
    6 years ago Reply

    Hi. I am 46 years old house wife. I have a severe joint pain in both shoulders. I also have low back pain. I feel like my shoulder joints become separate from its position. I feel that much severe pain in my shoulders. I am a fits patient taking treatment for over 6 years. Will u give me appoint and treatment?
    Please reply I am suffering so much. I am waiting for ur reply.

  • Hemalatha
    6 years ago Reply

    Sir, I had an elbow fracture a month ago at distal end of humerus extending over capitulum, adjacent trocheala, lateral condyle/epicondyle. Elbow joint dislocation predominantly at ulnohumeral joint. Had underwent an original surgery and was under pop for 4 weeks. Now I have very limited rom. Now my concern is Will I have 100% rom

  • Ravi Shankar
    6 years ago Reply

    Dr, I’m suffering from slipped disc since 2007. I got this injury while I was bowling very fast in nets. I got treatment but the pain persists even now. I’m 43 yrs of age. I wanna bat now. Im also having injury in right shoulder/elbow after I fell on the turf while bowling. Can I play cricket again?. Where’s the clinic in Chennai and what’s fees. Kindly help. Regards, Ravi Shankar

  • Shivraj
    6 years ago Reply

    Hell sir,

    I am from Pune.
    I am suffering from de quervain tenosynovitis in right thumb since last nine months. I am a Indian classical musician [ Tabla Player ] so getting out of this problem is very important for me because I can not play Tabla now.

    I tried different Physio and also consulted couple of Doctors and they suggest to go for surgery. But I am looking for natural cure because I dont know how surgery will affect my Tabla playing ability.

    Please help me to cure.

    Thanks & warm regards

  • Harish Kumar
    5 years ago Reply

    Hi Team,

    Greetings of the Day,

    From last couple of years my father is suffering from spondylosis.

    Tried diff medicines but nothing happening.

    Now searching for Natural ways for cure.

    Awaiting for your reply.



  • Pawan Kumar Rungta
    5 years ago Reply

    I am from Bangalore. I want an appointment from Dr Kannan. I was operated for cancer in Nov 2010 and my right side mandible was removed and reconstructed with PMMC flap. I am having stiffness and pain in neck and shoulder area. I am regularly doing exercise. My contract details : mobile 9845032110. Email id:

  • rakesh thormote
    5 years ago Reply

    sir my right ligament are injured in year 2005 …can i get relief without operation…my contact o922888111

  • Samata Sur
    5 years ago Reply

    Hi I m samata Sur from Kolkata. On Sept 9.i suffered a grade 3 acl tear. Please hav u ne branches in Kolkata, bcoz can’t travel so far.. Is surgery must? Can’t physiotherapy help, m 25yrs old

  • Sudha
    5 years ago Reply

    Hi Iam sudha and suffering from pulmonary vascular disease and my legs are very much paining.I would like to have an appointment with Dr kannan pughazendi sir and I would like to know whether this can be cured by exercises.
    Thank you

  • Anand
    5 years ago Reply

    Hi sir. I am K ANAND. I am a bowling allrounder.. I am having severe pain(for more than 10mins) while throwing the ball for the past three years.. I already went through 2 physios.. please guide me in this.. I want to bowl once again..

  • Anand K
    5 years ago Reply

    Hi sir. I am K ANAND. I am a bowling allrounder.. I am having severe right shoulder pain(for more than 10mins) while throwing the ball for the past three years.. I already went through 2 physios.. please guide me in this.. I want to bowl once again..

  • Chandrasekar
    5 years ago Reply

    I am working in police department I have suffered by muscle weakness I seen so many doctors Dr told it is one type of myopathy it is no cure for this disease so please help me to cure

  • Chandrasekar
    5 years ago Reply

    I am working in police department I have suffered by muscle weakness I seen so many doctors Dr told it is one type of myopathy it is no cure for this disease so there is any possible to cure in your treatment.please help me to cure

  • Aishwarya
    3 years ago Reply

    Would like to have an appointment with you regarding ligament tear doctor… Tried reaching your number which says it is not in use. Kindly help me out.

  • Manju
    2 years ago Reply

    I am Manju I need appointment with doctor Kannan for Nerve related issue.

    Please treat this on top priority.

  • Janaki Murali
    2 years ago Reply

    I would like to consult Dr. Kannan Pugazendhi for my son who is suffering from shoulder pain and neck pain. Kindly treat this as urgent and would like to have the appointment early. I shall ask him to bring the x-ray reports.

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