Sound Sleep For a Sound body

Before the invention of light, man was at an advantage. The sun dictated one’s sleeping and waking up time. But with the invention of light, we no longer sleep when the sun sets, we sit up late, eat late into the night, sleep late into the day, don’t wake up early and this has now altered the natural cyclic rhythm within us called the circadian rhythm. This has led to doctors now seeing more patients from a much younger population.
One of the major areas where the effect of this alteration can be seen is in the inadequate release of the growth hormones and its consequences. The maximum secretion of natural growth hormones happens in the second stage of sleep in the darkest hour, between 12 am and 3am if one has slept at 9pm. After 3 am as the sun starts to rise, the growth hormone secretion slows down and stops with sunrise.
It is also the time when melatonin is released . Melatonin is the natural anti-aging hormone which can prevent wrinkles. Growth hormones also regulates the carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and helps to keep blood glucose levels within set limits.
Growth hormone plays an important role in RBC production which is especially important as there is not just decreased production as one ages but also loss of existing RBC.
Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released in minute quantities in the adrenal gland but causes phenomenal changes in the entire body system. The stress hormone may be mentally stimulated or induced through extreme physical activities like HIIT.
With high levels of cortisol in the blood stream one may experience fatigue and depression. One may notice that recovery after exercise is poor and weight loss is not as expected. Contrarily there might be weight gain. This can also cause blood sugar imbalances. Poor sleep may be experienced which in turn affects the growth hormone release.
The human body is capable of many miracles but each person can perform only to their own potential and capability. The body should be treated with care and respect and one should be responsible for their own body and not make it the doctor’s responsibility alone.
Among the threats that we face constantly are the ones that we have most control over, our breath, the food we eat, drinking enough water and controlling our thoughts. Unless we take responsibility for ourselves the battle with stress is always on.
Responsibility for your breath
Our connection to the cosmos is just the breath. The failure to know and apply the importance of optimal breathing by not allowing sufficient oxygen into a cell and not removing excess carbon dioxide is a very important biochemical event that may shift the body status from health to disease. These changes happen gradually with no awareness of it by the person until it manifests as a disease
Responsibility for your food
After 9 pm the digestive system does not need food but nowadays people end up eating more and eating the wrong type of food because they sit up late watching tv, or on a gadget or working late. Invariably we get stressed when one eats even when they are not hungry.
Responsibility for your water
One should drink before the feeling of thirst appears. A minimum of 1.5 litres of water goes as urine output. Over than that, it depends on the amount of activity done by an individual.
Responsibility for your thought
Control your thought or your thoughts will control you. Last ten minutes before sleeping you should let your thoughts go and find a way to sleep with a relaxed mind or otherwise even in an 8 hour sleep can be a disturbed one.
It is upto us to make the wisest choice, pushing ourselves into the right cycle. Everything in life is in a rhythm and we have to maintain ours for an optimal health.
– Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi

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