• Duration of program from 3 months to 1 year.
  • Selection of the internees – Will be done through Tele/ in person preliminary interview.
  • For a daily duration of 5 hrs/ 8 hrs per day for a month, the internship fee will be discussed with Internship
    coordinator respectively in TN/ other states.
  • The senior internship can be done in any of our centres (17 Centres in different locations of the country)
  • The candidate is eligible for the completion certificate at end of the program after an evaluation by the
  • During the internship, the internee will be allowed to observe and assist in consultation, therapy, rehab,
    fitness and sports training.
  • The internee may not be able to attend the internal training meetings or any other workshop conducted by
    the company. Internal training meetings and workshops are not a part of the internship program.
  • Senior Intern discount of 20% can be availed for all the Workshops conducted. This is subjected to the
    availability of the seats.
  • Attendance will be marked at the respective centre and absence for the day or leave information to be
    mailed to
  • Senior internship does not assure recruitment or job placements in the company.
    Outstanding performance during the internship could earn an opportunity for a job interview in the
  • Observatory Tele Internship for Teleservices can be done separately. It includes training in all the
    Teleservices – Consultation, Therapy, Rehab, Fitness, Neuro Rehab, etc. This internship can be done
    from anywhere and is not restricted only to the locations of our branches

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  • Ameya
    4 years ago Reply

    Dear Admin,
    is there an Internship fee ? If yes, how much will it cost for a period of 3 months ?

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