Celestial Spark – Reiki Workshop

CELESTIAL SPARK – Another Initiative from Sparrc Institute for promoting Reiki awareness.

Reiki Chennai

Celestial Spark

Reiki is a spiritual healing that help alleviate all sufferings like pain, illness, depression, stress, physical and emotional disturbance and so on.

Reiki can be an adjunct therapy to many ailments which are psychosomatic in nature because it works on mind and body gives a palliative care. A spiritual dimension to the intervention is an additional aspect giving a holistic approach to transform lives and lifestyle.

This program is carefully designed keeping in mind the positive energy required to annihilate negative existence in various times of life situations. Reiki attunement transforms lives to have positive thinking, clarity, peace, harmony and abundance of well being.

Course taught by our Reiki Master Mrs Sujatha Pugazhendi . For workshop details please checkout news and updates section


  • kalpana
    7 years ago Reply

    Dear Madam

    I just want to know the cost and time taken in learning Reiki.

    Thank you.

  • alpesh jadhav
    7 years ago Reply

    i want to know cost of rekki workshop

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