Kalari Training

Explore The Hidden Secrets of 9th Century Martial Art “Kalaripayattu”

Do you know  why is Kalaripayattu is so unique?

Kalari is the only martial art that involves extensive exercises.

Below are some of the interesting facts about Kalari:


In the kalari context, it refers to kicks as well as leg-raising exercises to increase flexibility.


is a compound of kai (hand), kuthi (hit) & payattu (exercise). It consists of punches, leg moves, stretches, twists, and jumps performed in a particular sequence.  It is preceded by warm-ups or mukakattu its complexity increases from one level to another.


Chumattadi teaches how to attack & defend against multiple opponents from all sides.  This exercise should be practiced with intense speed & power.


Meipayattu concentrates on flexibility it is said to make the practitioner aggressive and increase battle awareness.
Adithada:Involves Hit & block . Unlike the exercises mentioned above, adithada requires two or more practitioners. When 1 exponent attacks, the other blocks & then counter-attacks..


Ottotharam teaches how to use attacks as a form of defense. As with adithada, it is practiced by 2 exponent but the number can be increased as the students gain experience.

Opportunity that you may never want to miss, get trained by our experts.

For training details feel free to reach out to us.


  • Ramachandran
    11 years ago Reply

    I would like to know the details about the training classes for Kalari in Chennai. Thanks. Ram

  • sreekumar
    11 years ago Reply

    I wish to know the minimum age of girl child to learn kalari training. Thanks

    • Sparrc Staff
      11 years ago Reply

      Dear Sir,

      The minimum age would be 8 yrs. We have kalari sessions for kids at our centres thrice a week.Please do let us know of your interest to enroll for the same.
      Do provide us with your contact no.
      Thank you
      SPARRC team

  • Sridhar Devu
    8 years ago Reply

    May i know the details of the training programme in hyderabad

  • Raghav
    8 years ago Reply

    I’m interested in kalari…is there any age limit to join…?

  • Rachit Tyagi
    8 years ago Reply

    Dear SPARRC Team,

    I would like to know that do you have your branches in Delhi area for Kalari training classes …
    Please do reply…

  • Dr Eishita Pal
    8 years ago Reply

    Iam 31 year old woman.
    I have represented my state (HP) in National Level Judo Championship in 1999-2000…
    Iam keenly looking forward to learn kalaripayyatu .

    Is there any training institute near Gachibowli???
    Looking forward to hear from you soon…


  • Mujeeb ap
    8 years ago Reply

    I’m interested in kalari…is there any branches in sharjah?

  • Dr. Eishita Pal
    8 years ago Reply

    Iam interested in learning Kalari ….Is there any branches in Hyderabad…

    Thank you

  • gunde sudarshan
    8 years ago Reply

    Naaku kalaripayattu vidya ante chaala istam dayachesi hydrabadulo ekkada nerpagalaro cheppagalaru

  • Ravi Tiwari
    8 years ago Reply

    I want Training i love it please cal me. 9441293589

  • mohdsameer
    8 years ago Reply

    hii do you have a branch un Hyderabad if yes please can u give me the contact no u have or address

  • venu
    8 years ago Reply

    are there any branches in hyderabad

  • Mohamed Noordeen
    8 years ago Reply

    Hi master!
    I’m from tamilnadu !
    I wish to learn our mother of martial art(Kalari)
    Please tell me about short term fees structure!

  • jebinjustus
    8 years ago Reply

    wow it’s awsome I would like to be a follower of kalari martial artist

  • Cyril D'souza
    8 years ago Reply

    Dear Guruji, Is there any training institute for Kalaripayattu in Vasai – Mumbai, kindly let me know, i am interested my cell no. 7738529990

  • Aditi Mehta
    8 years ago Reply


    I’m looking for Kalaripayattu training for my son in Mumbai.
    Where is your centre located and what is the best way to get in touch?


  • Thriveni Dontamsetti
    8 years ago Reply

    Interested in kalaripayattu. I am based in Hyderabad.

  • dharaneeshwaran
    7 years ago Reply

    Can we wear power glasses

  • K Archana
    7 years ago Reply

    pls let me know about kalari classes for 9 year old girl in hyderabad preferably near secunderabad along with fee details

  • Eishita
    7 years ago Reply


    I actually want to learn the art of traditional Kalaripayattu in Mumbai. I am based at Goregaon and am 27 year old.

    I needed to know if my age will be considered to start the learning process. May I know if classes for this are available in Mumbai.

    Eishita Patel

  • Thiru
    6 years ago Reply

    Please confirm Kalari classes avaialble in Triplicane/Royapettah/Mylapore

  • Indu
    6 years ago Reply

    Can you give details about kalaripayattu classes and yoga for children in your Alwarpet center

  • Aarthi Padmanaban
    5 years ago Reply

    I am 28/F. I would like to join kalari class. Please share details of classes in Anna nagar Chennai.

  • Ashay
    5 years ago Reply

    M interested in learning kalari . Do you have classes only on weekends

  • sanjay
    4 years ago Reply

    do you only teach kalari at a basic level or will u teach it fully????

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