Friendliness of the staff is remarkable

“I am currently undergoing treatment for spondylitis, there has been considerable improvement in my condition. The method of treatment and the friendliness of the staff is remarkable and lets the patient maintain their composure.”

– Jayasudha Kapoor- MLA for the Congress in Secunderabad/ South Indian actress


  • mukesh sinha
    7 years ago Reply

    I came to sparrc for spondalytis treatment. there is considerable improvement in my condition with respect to pain management and movement of neck and shoulder.
    the most remarkable aspect of treatment at sparrc is the freindliness and in depth knowledge of staff and “seamless” transfer of treatment from one therapist to another. One doesn’t feel the discontinuation in ine of treatment. Please remember that everybody comes with a painful condition to sparrc and goes out smiling.

  • Renu sinha
    7 years ago Reply

    I came to sparrc for arthiritis related problems and pain. I must say that I have considerable reduction in pain and marked improvement in my posture and movement of limbs.The in depth knowledge and ability to help patients is remarkable in the therapists.
    they carry out the treatment like “smiling assasin “.I was in terrible pain and when therapist started giving treatment, the pain was unbearable but the cooperative therapist kept smiling and ensured that the pain is relieved.

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