We all always wanted to know how to work out for a short time and get all benefits ?

Vibration is a stimulus with an oscillatory motion . The height of the oscillation determines the amplitude in millimetres, the rate of repetition as the frequency and the acceleration as the magnitude .vibrating on a fitness plate

It is based on the hypothesis that low frequency and amplitude vibration will improve muscular strength and power . During the exercise , the smooth oscillatory motions are only 1 to 2mm vertically and vibrations are 25 to 50 times /sec. Push – ups, squats , sit – ups and many other exercises are done for a period of 30 seconds to a minute with one minute recovery . The vibration increases the G- force and makes the muscle contract at 25 to 50 contractions. It is claimed that a 10 – minute workout on the power plate would be equal to an hour of exercise owing to the alteration of the G- forces.Muscles maintain their normal performance capabilities due to the G- force . When astronauts are in outer space, there is no G- force, well now you should now what is a G- force of course we have been talking about Gravitational force . The loss of G- force will cause muscles atrophy and loss of bone mass. The same concept is used n Total Body vibration .

The G- force is increased and so the exercise will increase the potential of the muscle to produce strength and power . Even the skin , bone and tissue perceive the vibration and sensitise the stretch reflex. Research indicates that the antagonist muscles are inhibited due to vibration exercise . This enhances the muscle performance immediately after the vibration .” ¬†For instance if you notice the jump height is increased within two minutes of the exercise. But this enhancement is lost after two hours.

If i do vibration training is it possible to improve my 100 metres ‘ Timing ?

Ofcourse it should , perhaps the world class performers are using them where accuracy need not be a factor like in sprinting , jumping or throwing. It only works on the fast twitch muscle and does nothing for the slow twitch muscle. That means it cannot enhance cardiovascular endurance . So it would be inadequate as a health – related fitness tool independently .



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