Dr Kannan & SPARRC team made me complete Mumbai Marathon
















“I am a recreational competitive Marathoner, was training for Full Marathons at Chennai (Dec 2012) and Mumbai (Jan 2013) since May 2012. While running the Chennai Marathon got injured due to ITBS problem and had to quit around 32nd Km. Went thru few physios and trainers to get ready before 20th Jan 2013 Stanchart Mumbai Marathon. My problem didn’t get resolved, I was limping around especially on the stairs. On 31st Dec consulted Dr Kannan Pugazhendi, he assessed me right and also boosted my confidence by guaranteeing that I will run on 20th Jan. With 6 days of Physio therapy and 2-3 days of Rehab workout. I went to Mumbai completed the SCMM in 5hrs 26m . The very next Sunday on the 27th Jan I ran Republic Day Half Marathon by YMCA runners with a timing of 2hrs 10 mins. Thanks to Dr Kannan and SPARRC team to get me back on my feet and made me complete Mumbai Marathon” –  Best Regards, Shahul Hameed from Dream Runners, Chennai



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