CELESTIAL SPARK – Initiative from Sparrc Institute for promoting Reiki awareness. Course taught by our Reiki Master Mrs Sujatha Pugazhendi . For workshop details please call us or send us an email (sparrc@gmail.com)

For every little thought and action there is a preceding and that’s a conspiracy of the universe. Aligning the soul with the universal life energy can unleash all layers of the soul, life after life with a search of meaning in every life.

The power of now help live a conscious life. Being vigilant and fully of aware of ones thoughts, negative and positive emotions lived by the body, is an experiential learning. Conscious living of many lives of the soul is a process for evolution and enlightenment.

This journey of “who am I?” search has many twists and turns so far and one such beautiful turning point is my Reiki attunement. Many of my unanswered questions were answered with this energy. Faith on the universe grew, acceptance and surrendering became inevitable. Let’s connect to ” the universe” for a Spiritual Healing of mind, body and soul.

Hearty welcome <3
Sujatha Pugazhendi 🙂
Reiki Master
Celestial Spark

Reiki Chennai

Celestial Spark








VenueSparrc Institute , Alwarpet Chennai

Cell:  9840001721, 9840096175  

Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 Pm

Date: 2nd and 3rd July 2016

Day- Saturday, Sunday 

You will receive a Reiki healer certificate upon completion of this workshop.



  • Partha nandi
    8 years ago Reply

    Dear Sir,please could you reply me back if you are taking care of spondalities patient also

  • Dr. Munira mamnoon
    8 years ago Reply

    Hello sir/ma’am,
    Iam vey much interested in reiki workshop.
    Iam situated in Mumbai,, can u plz let me kno when is the next workshop doing to be held.
    Thanking u for the same

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