Sincere thanks to Dr.Pugazhendi for setting up these centres & proving to be God sent Angels




I was very eager to express my heartfelt gratitude to Spaarc (Y Block) for having made me understand the need to keep one’s muscles toned. I had approached Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi for help as I had severe pain in my left knee. Kudos to him and his able staff for enabling people like me to get great relief from pain. I was told that my muscles had become tight due to my sedentary life style and lack of exercise. So after the trigger release, I enrolled for rehabilitation and fitness lasting for a period of four months. Its been a week now since my four month schedule ended and I must place on record my sincere thanks to Dr.Pugazhendi for having set up these centres and proving to be God sent ‘Angels’ indeed.

My special thanks to my Physio Rohini Ma’m, who proved to be efficient, friendly and sincere in doing her job. An able administrator and strict while supervising exercises, she inspired and motivated me to realize that we have to take care of our muscles and body instead of neglecting them and landing up damaging them resulting in aches and pains. She patiently clarified all my doubts and her communication skills impressed me. Being a teacher myself, I hope to pass on this info to my students so that they don’t face problems in their old age.

The entire team at the centre became my good friends at the end of my stint there. To mention a few, Anjana, Poonam, Senthil, Wesley, Saravana Sir and Jai, were efficient, humble and genial, and are blessed with loads of patience.

I say a big ‘thank you’ to each one of them. Now to prove how inspiring they’ve been, I’ve purchased a few of the equipments needed to do my exercises and I continue to spend an hour exercising various muscles (thanks to the schedule drawn up for me by Rohini) I feel lighter too. But I miss the ambience of Spaarc which generated a spark of realization to take care of my muscles even at my age.(51yrs)

Thank you Doc and thank you SPAARC. God bless you all Mini George


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