About Sparrc Institute

SPARRC Institute is a synthesis of Sports Medicine, Fitness Medicine, and Performance Rehabilitation, a unique blend annihilating life style diseases. We are here to heal athletes, non-athletes and differently abled, returning them at the earliest to their previous state of performance in sport, work and leisure with minimal medicine and avoiding surgery as much as possible, for the first time in India.
SPARRC – Sports Performance Assessment Rehabilitation Research Counseling Institute is based in Chennai and having branches in Hyderabad and Coimbatore.


“To effectively design scientific exercise intervention to maximize performance, facilitate recovery from illness, injury, surgery and disability in the area of Sport, Dance, Martial Arts, Fitness, Work,  Adventure sport and Leisure

As the common impression goes, sports medicine is not a specialisation localized to the management of sports injuries on and off the field. Its focus is to meet the greatest challenge of keeping the healthy population in the pink of their health through exercise prescription.

The aim of SPARRC Institute is to provide the right environment and optimally trained personnel for the care of the people preventing their transition into permanent patienthood. The constant combat in preventing the diseases of inactivity like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Myocardial Infarction and Cancer is established through the exercise prescription. The management of the problems using pharmacology is minimal and investigations are almost negligible at SPARRC. The alleviation of pain is mainly through Physiotherapy and Exercise prescription than a medicine prescription. At SPARRC, aspiration to avoid surgery wherever and whenever possible is very high and the fulfilment of this is our quest.

Performance Rehabilitation is the exercise intervention that restores normal function whichhas been affected by disease, disability or dysfunction. It is a scientific programme that can help Paediatric to Geriatric population, Dancers, Martial Artists , Cine Artists, delivered mothers (Post natal and Pre Natal women) or any Sports men and women to return to their basic movements without pain and restriction.

In this regard the application of Aquatherapy, Acupuncture, Pulsed Magnetic Electrotherapy,Cryotherapy and Exercise Rehabilitation are applied to heal the patient in a holistic manner.


  • Jonathan Baldwin
    13 years ago Reply

    Nice to see your presence online 🙂

  • sinduja
    12 years ago Reply

    really glad to have found out your newly launched website, able to get to know more about your medical practice, its really very inspirational for a medical student like me, i wanted to take up sports medicine after getting to know about you almost a year back in THE HINDU article. Thankyou sir, you are my role model.

  • aby
    8 years ago Reply

    Hello!! Is there any masters programme in sports medicine??

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