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Anuradha S asked 6 months ago

Dear Sir/madam,
My Name name Anuradha, 46 years old , staying in Bangalore, Bhannerghatta Road.
Suffering from osteoarthritis for both the  Knees from past 6 years, Doctors from Forties, Apollo, and Hosmat are suggesting for Knee replacement (both the Knees). There is no way to get rid of pain.  As per Doctor Osteoarthritis came for me due to My life styling (earlier I was 75 KGs Now 60 Kgs), or by birth due to Bow leg (As per my mother I walked after 2 years only) may be the reason, because its  no injury to my Knee.
Can it possible to get rid of pain, I am working in Private company in Accounts Department
Thank You, hope I will get reply soon.
Anuradha S

Sparrc Staff Staff replied 6 months ago

Yes mam, we can surely help you. A proper assessment and examination of your lower limbs is required to address the relevant muscle imbalances that can be a main reason behind your pain. Also as seen by us in most cases the lack of muscle strength and endurance is what leads to such painful conditions. Please do take a consult with our expert Dr.Kannan Pugazhendi who has helped thousands recover from such conditions without having to undergo surgery. We have also addressed similar complaints in patients who have undergone a replacement surgery and still come to us for relief from pain that persists after surgery. Therefore at SPARRC we assess and resolve without a surgical intervention. Call 965 965 00 00 for assistance.